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We think it's irresponsible for any company to collect information they don't need, and reprehensible for a company to make money by selling YOUR personal information without your consent.  WE don't do it, and you shouldn't do business with any company that does.


Definitions and Assumptions

Term Definition
Cookie A tiny file stored on your computer by your browser, that acts like a bookmark for our website.  A cookie can help us identify who you are, but also allows us to track your session information, for example, what items you've added to your cart.

Advertising / Tracking Cookie


A special cookie that uses a 3rd party website to track your usage across many websites.

Tracking cookies allow nameless, faceless companies to track, gather, and sell your browsing activity without your permission.  We do not use tracking cookies, and you should not do business with companies who do.

Session All of the actions you take while visiting our website.  This includes things you look at, items you place in your cart, and any order you place.  If you close our website and open it later, your session resumes.
IP Address The IP Address of your computer is a unique address, like a telephone number, that lets you communicate on the internet.  For most people, the IP address you have at home or work is shared by all of the other people and devices at your home or work (respectively)


Simple explanation: "The Internet"

Common explanation:  Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome

Complex explanation:  A program that you run on your computer, that, at your direction, downloads information composed of formatted text, images, and other media from the internet, and renders it in a format that you can understand.  In addition, this website runs a tiny amount of code in the form of javascript inside your browser to perform formatting functions, and to exchange information with this website in an efficient manner.

Geo Tracking

Using an IP address to determine a physical, geographical location.

Geo Location

Your physical location, when visiting this website.


Information about you, that we use to verify your identity.  We use your name, e-mail address, password, and IP address to help identify who you are.


Information We Collect Automatically

Element How we use it

IP Address


Your IP Address is collected automatically, and used as proof that any activity, including legitimate orders, are conducted by the person who you claim to be.  For example, if a person uses your login information from another location illegitimately, they would have a different IP address.

We do not perform Geo Location, and we do not track your physical location.


We use cookies to connect all of the elements of your session, and so that we can identify you upon future visits to this website.

If you don't like cookies, turn off "allow cookies" in your browser's settings, or use your browser's settings to "delete cookies" after each visit.

We do not use advertising nor tracking cookies, and companies that do use them without your permission should be put out of business.

With cookies disabled, shopping cart functions might not perform as expected.

The entire internet is based on cookies, so this is normal, and if you don't like it, or you don't trust the fact that we don't track your information, then good day, and good luck to you, and you can go shop somewhere else.

 Headers We use headers from your browser to determine what type of information to send to your browser.  For example, information should be formatted differently on a phone compared to a laptop.


Information You Supply to Us

Element How we use it
Name We use this to help identify who you are, and as part of the shipping label information when we ship something to you.



We use your zip code to estimate shipping charges.

We use your address as the billing address for the account (required by the credit card processor), and you can store up to 5 addresses in your address book, that we can ship to.  This feature allows you to buy online from this website, and have your products shipped to someone else's address, at your direction (for example, as a gift).

Telephone If you supply this, we will use it to contact you in the event that there is a question about your order.  If you do not wish to supply a telephone number, enter 000-000-0000

E-mail / Password


Your e-mail address and password are the credentials that you will use to log in to this website.  The password is set by you.

We recommend using a password that is completely different than your bank website, e-mail, and other online shopping accounts.

We use your e-mail address to help verify your identity by sending you an e-mail when you register with this website.

We send you an e-mail when you place an order, and to update you, regarding your order status.

Optionally, at your discretion, we use your e-mail to send you newsletters and other information about sales, new products, and other information that we think you might find useful about our website.  You can optionally subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.


Your Privacy is Our Priority

  • We do not, and will not ever disclose or share your personal information to a 3rd party
  • We do not, and will not ever sell your personal information
  • We do not, and will never affiliate with any advertiser who tracks your browsing or serves you targeted advertising


Special Circumstances

Under special circumstances, we may be required by law to disclose your information to the courts or to law enforcement.

We will go to the full extent allowed by law to notify you, if and when your information is disclosed in this manner, we will ensure that any requesting agency follows all legal due process to which you are entitled, and that your personal information is protected using commercially-reasonable means.



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